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Weight loss and body positivity — March 13, 2016

Weight loss and body positivity

I haven’t posted for a while which I am a little sad about but as everyone knows life gets in the way sometimes. It’s for good reasons though, I have had a promotion at work and have just been so busy that it’s not been a priority. Things have now begun to settle down so I have the time and space to begin to incorporate fun things back into my life.

I wanted to talk about what I think is quite a sensitive subject within certain circles and that’s weight loss. Within the body positive community I feel that sometimes if you lose weight you are almost seen as a kind of traitor. To me this is a little confusing as surely we should be accepting of everyones choices as this is what is right for them at any particular point in their life.

I have recently made a decision to lose some weight and I have good reasons for this. Back in November I ended up in hospital for a few days in absolute agony, the only thing that helped was copious amounts of morphine. I was subsequently diagnosed with gallstones and advised that I would need to have my gallbladder removed. Now the tricky thing with this is that at my size surgery is more difficult and I would have a longer and potentially more difficult recovery. I was therefore advised to lose weight before they would do the operation (I now have an appointment at a private hospital next week to discuss this so it will be interesting to hear their opinion as well). Admittedly I didn’t really do anything back at the end of last year, I love my food and I can find no end of excuses to carry on eating! 

Then at the beginning of this year a friend asked me if I wanted to go to a plus size event in Las Vegas, I have had so much fun and made so many friends since attending events like this in the UK that the prospect of doing this on a much bigger scale was really exciting, so we booked the tickets and started planning. As weeks have gone by I have started to think about the practical side of this, how will I feel sitting on a plane for 11 hours when the seats aren’t made for someone my size? Vegas in July is going to be hot! How will my body be able to cope with it? 

All of this combined with various other factors led me to the decision to join a slimming club, now I’m not doing this because I hate the way I look, I am doing it to feel better in myself. All my life I have been made to feel like I don’t really fit in and finding the plus size community a couple of years ago was a real turning point for me, I long ago realised that I’m never going to be a size 10 and I don’t want to be, I love my curves and don’t want to lose them. I could lose 100lbs and I would still be plus sized! I joined Slimming World just over 2 weeks ago, in my first week I ate healthily but didn’t feel that I deprived myself of anything, after one week I had lost 9lbs and was incredibly proud of myself, I had put my mind to something and it paid off.

What I was surprised about was some of the comments I got on Twitter, while the majority were really positive and congratulated me on my achievement there were a few that were quite negative, criticising me for wanting to change my body and assuming that I’m not happy with myself the way I am. 

My point is that no-one is better than anyone else, fat, thin or anywhere inbetween we should all accept that people need to do what is right for them at any given time and not expect them to justify it to anyone else. What I would like people to do is to think before they speak and just consider that there may be a hundred things going on in someones life that have led them to where they are now, unless you have lived their life you are in no position to judge them.